The History

“All Artists Have A Seat at the Table”

“All Artists Have A Seat at the Table” is a visionary initiative launched by Marc Brogdon and Kelcey Newman of N2U Creative Marketing Group + Attain Communications in collaboration with the Pan African Film + Arts Festival (PAFF) and global brand IKEA. The campaign was conceived to amplify the creative brilliance of Black artists worldwide by transforming IKEA’s wooden dining furniture into vibrant, functional pieces of fine art. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the project aimed to foster collaboration in unexpected spheres and spotlight the talented artists behind the creations.


The inaugural year of “All Artists Have A Seat at the Table” coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Pan African Film + Arts Festival. Under the artistic direction of Allohn Agbenya, five esteemed artists lent their talents to reimagine IKEA dining sets, infusing them with thematic elements reflecting PAFF’s roots. These unique pieces were initially showcased at IKEA stores across Southern California before being exhibited at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

Artists Featured in 2022:

  • Allohn Agbenya (Ghana)
  • Sandra Zebi (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Marvin Obasogie Aimiuwu (MOA) (Nigeria)
  • Aziz Diagne (Senegal, West Africa)
  • Charles A. Bibbs (Los Angeles)


Building on the success of its debut, the 2023 edition of “All Artists Have A Seat at the Table” continued its celebration of Black History Month in partnership with IKEA. Handpicked world-renowned Black artists unveiled their unique artwork featuring IKEA furniture at the PAFF Opening Night gala. The exhibition, held during the PAFF ArtFest at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, provided a platform for dialogue about art and livable furniture, moderated by IKEA’s Andrew Alcantar.

Artists Featured in 2023:

  • Porter Ajayi Olanrewaju (Nigeria)
  • Aziz Diagne (Senegal)
  • PeQUE Brown (America)
  • Marvin Obasogie Aimiuwu (Nigeria)
  • Sandra Zebi (Brazil)
  • Yendi Serwaa (America)
  • Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen (America)


The 2024 edition of the campaign raised the bar with a grand red carpet opening and reception at the Museum of African American Arts (MAAA). A carefully curated group of artists showcased their talent by transforming IKEA’s dining furniture into captivating pieces of functional art. The event featured a panel discussion providing insights into the artists’ creative processes and inspirations. Noteworthy support from figures like Senator Lola Smallwood-Cievas underscored the campaign’s significance in promoting diversity and cultural expression in the arts.

Artists Featured in 2024:

  • Jennia Fredrique Aponte (Gary, Indiana)
  • Milton Bowens (Oakland, California)
  • Daphne Burgess (Sacramento region)
  • Robert E. Hansen (visual designer)
  • Zoie Noelle Brogdon (contemporary artist)
  • Karen Gibson (textile artist)

The All Artists Have A Seat at the Table

campaign continues to enrich the artistic landscape, champion collaboration, and celebrate the diversity of Black creativity on a global scale.