Zoie is a contemporary artist born and raised in South Los Angeles, CA. Her original paintings reflected the perspective of a young 17-year-old Black girl who has grown up through the COVID-19 pandemic, increased homelessness, and the senseless murders of Black people such as Trayvon Martin and George Floyd.

Now at 19, and a African American Studies major at UCLA, she has developed voice and personal style which mirrors her devotion to social impact, justice reform, and her desire to see under-represented children achieve. Zoie’s paintings emanate a reflection of her desire to express the beauty of youth who are trying to navigate life through these trying times.

Picturesque images and self-portraits are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions. It’s been said that the eyes of her paintings look into your soul (JUDGES QUOTE – “The student’s drawing is beautiful and carries all of the emotion of the moment. The woman in the picture looks at the viewer in a direct way that holds all of the emotion of the moment…”). Zoie conveys, “I am a storyteller and I want to share my thoughts through my visual journal.”

Artists Statement

My artwork captures the resilience and pursuit of justice of a young Black woman overcoming adversity, designed to inspire and showcase the strength in challenges. It features vibrant colors and bold designs that emphasize empowerment and spark discussions on social justice.

As a young student, Zoie Noelle received awards for her innate talent. From a young age, she has believed,

“You can create anything once you see it in your mind.”