IKEA Gallery of Functional Fine Art on Display

Experience a diverse array of artistic expression at IKEA stores across Southern California, where each artist’s unique masterpiece will be showcased. In Burbank, immerse yourself in the intricate paper mosaics of “Flutter” by Jennia Fredrique Aponte and explore the contemporary perspective of “Mama – Lisa” by ZoZo Noelle. Head to Costa Mesa to encounter Milton Bowens’ thought-provoking “Hot Seat – The Re-definition.” In West Covina, experience Daphne Burgess’ captivating “Mud Cloth: A Tribute to Color, Pattern, and Texture.” Finally, visit the Carson Store to discover the digital artistry of “Founders Chest” by Robert E. Hansen and the textile marvels of “Queens Chair” by Karen Gibson.

Carson, Covina & Costa Mesa Location